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DriverPack Solution 12.3 R237 (03.02.2013)

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DriverPack Solution 12.3 R237 (03.02.2013)

Name : DriverPack Solution PRO Edition

License : Freeware.

Version : 12.3

Interface : English,Russian and others

Date : 03/10/2011

Official website : DPS



DriverPack Solution 12 is the latest version of the popular Russian program that will facilitate your life as osigiri drivers for your operating system. This version is sasdadena integrates both drivers (x86-x64) and provide a number of new goodies - (Ability to update the already installed drivers Automatic detection of the interface language (11 languages included) CPU temperature detection ( CPU),  Improved user interface Added shortcuts, The speed of data processing is significantly improved, etc.).. DriverPack Solution eases the process of installation / reinstallation of Windows on any computer because it requires nalinie Internet access. The program integrated podlednata database drivers that are installed in minutes, which in turn will ensure the smooth operation of your PC. 


The DriverPacks and the DriverPacks BASE are compatible with all Windows versions based on the NT 5.1 32-bit kernel, as well as Windows Vista (including the 64-bit version):
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

DriverPack Solution 2012 [Multilanguage]

Category: Progam
Language: Multilingual
Operating System: Windosws XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Size: 7 MB

DriverPack Solution is the most popular program that makes the job of finding and automatically installing drivers a pleasure DriverPack Solution simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on any computer. No more problems with searching and installing drivers. Everything will be done in a couple of mouse clicks!

- Videocard
- Soundcard
- Chipset
- Network lan
- Wireless Internet wifi
- Webcam
- Printers printer
- Other devices
- TV-Tuner
- Scanners
- Bluetooth bluetooth
- SATA-RAID massstorage
- Modems modem
- Input Devices
- Monitors
- Card Readers cardreader
- Telephony phone

- Acer
- HP
- Dell
- Samsung
- Toshiba
- Sony
- Lenovo
- Fujitsu
- Fujitsu Siemens
- eMachines
- Packard Bell
- Clevo
- BenQ
- Notebook
- Apple
- Intel
- LG
- Compaq
- Depo
- Gericom
- Matsushita
- Medion
- K-Systems
- Gigabyte
- SiS
- Gateway

DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution (abbr. DRP Su ), ( in Russian. Drayverpak Solution ) - Manager installation of drivers , designed to automate the driver on the platform of Windows OS. Distributed free of charge, free under GNU GPL , open source 

The program DriverPack Solution (formerly bore the name "The interface for installing drivers" and the "Driver Pack Autorun" ) was developed in 2008 by Russian author Arthur Kuzyakova, during the period of training in MIREA (Moscow State Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automation), the founder of the eponymous company DriverPack Solution .
As the main tool for writing software used scripting languages. DB (database) - with reference to features of the program is treated as a base driver package is a set of drivers (drayverpakov) - Eng.  DriverPacks . Drayverpaki organized by category (in the format 7z -archives), based on information about a specific device supplies a particular category of equipment that is presented as a catalog of devices.
A key feature of the program is the ability to work without an Internet connection, which is ensured by its own offline-driver database. DriverPack Solution provides ample opportunity for interaction by the driver / drayverpaki, while providing an intuitive, "friendly" interface.
Since the first appearance of the program during the development of the project, the program has undergone many changes, in addition to basic functions (features) are supplied with the program - the manager to install drivers have been integrated into a number of additional features: CPU temperature monitoring, diagnostics of hardware computer nodes, specialized Internet Service DevID, expanded features to install and update drivers, improved user interface through the development (appendix) function tooltips and management with the use of "hot" keys.

DriverPack Solution automatically carries out identification of equipment, establishes a correspondence between the detected devices and available in the database drivers;

  • provides the ability to install / reinstall / update the drivers;
  • provides search tools on the Internet is not listed in the drivers using the service DevID;
  • maintaining a database of drivers up to date by regularly updating the database drivers;
  • monitoring and diagnostics of the main elements of the computer's hardware (processor, hard drives, memory);
  • monitoring the activity of anti-virus and relevance of its signature;
  • ability to integrate into the database driver drayverpaki alternative;
  • program provides a number of functional features to meet the needs and competencies of the user. In DriverPack Solution provides "expert" mode of the program, the program determines the behavior and interaction with the user.
Additional features include an integrated manager the ability to install additional software (browsers, codecs, etc.).


  • Kuzyakov software developer Arthur was the winner of Young Innovators, "Innovation potential of youth-2010" for the project "Programme for the automatic installation of drivers."
  • Silver medal and Honorary Diploma of the Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovations "Archimedes-2010" for the project "program to automatically install drivers".
  • DriverPack Solution Program has been recognized as the most promising project in terms of "completeness of the product and the business itself," the evaluation of the expert committee, comprising representatives of "Megafon", "MTS", "Rosatom", JSC "SITRONICS" concerns " Vega "," Radio Engineering and Information Systems ", OJSC« Intellect Telecom », headed the commission, Deputy Minister of Communications Ilya Massukh. The specialists of the leading companies were assessed preparedness and the prospects of more than 30 projects in "Information Technology", of which DriverPack Solution took the lead.

The history of the project

At the time of occurrence of the "interface to install drivers" (an early version of DriverPack Solution) system administrators and other computer specialists were used drayverpaki - Archives drivers combine a set of drivers for various devices. Originally drayverpaki were designed to integrate them into the distributions of Windows, which allow installers to give up individual devices, with the necessary drivers included, due to the fact that the device is now determined automatically by the system of integrated drayverpak. Constant updating drayverpakov required regular updating and creating new distribution assemblies Windows. In this regard, the use of drayverpakov as an independent directory of drivers got an advantage with respect to, their integration in the distribution of Windows.
November 8, 2006, with the advent of the new Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft, which the public release to end users was held January 30, 2007.For all users of previous versions of Windows operating systems "urgent" task was to update and search for drivers to switch between line of operating systems Windows.
Kuzyakov proposed solution, which simplifies the implementation problem of user interaction with the drivers by developing a program to "interface to automatically install the drivers."
May 1, 2008, on the eve of "May" celebrations, Arthur Kuzyakov, being a fourth-year student at the Faculty of IT-MIREA, developed the program "The interface for installing drivers" . The program was written for the center Kuzyakova computer help «», where he worked as a systems administrator. The program is a simplified version of the manager, the drivers are installed, is easy to operate and provided the tools for user interaction with the driver by defining an alternative to the standard "Device Manager" Windows. The program was aimed at solving routine in terms of user action to install the driver by automatically identifying and recognizing the devices installed in the system.
June 23, 2008 on the forum «» was held for the first time publication of the first β-version of the program. The program was distributed free of charge and available for free download on the Internet. Forum participants met the program "The interface for installing the drivers," "negative" in the course arose out of the program relative to the discussion forum software has a number of negative reviews.
Kuzyakov, with the support center computer help «» continued to work on the program, during which the program has undergone many changes, and has repeatedly come out in the new revisions. Which largely contributed to the further development and establishment of the project. Subsequent versions of the program, the second to the eighth β-inclusive version had no official releases of dating, however, regularly published author on the Internet, as well as independently used in the work of the administrator. Beginning with the second version of the eighth, inclusive program was named Driver Pack Autorun , to determine the version of the program isolzovalos designation "Beta X" , where X  - the serial version.
In Beta 2, the regime has been implemented the program "smart" installation. Mode of operation "smart" setting provided the necessary decompression system drivers, the exclusion of all other drivers. Has been redesigned database structure Dev_ID. The database structure was contain the names and paths to driver files. Also in the program was amended a number of shortcomings.
Driver Pack Autorun (DriverPack Solution) Beta 3
Version Beta 3 is characterized by an improved interface, graphical representation of the expansion is already installed and missing drivers in the system. For the first time in the new version you can switch between modes of operation of the program: "Smart" , "Full" and "Manual" . Fix a large number of errors parsing ( Eng.  Parsing ) drayverpakov.
The main change in version Beta 4 has the ability to automatically update via the website drayverpakov «».
New version Beta 5 featured an added mode of "Choice" , allowing you to select from a list of drivers for installation and automatic cleaning of the folder «.. \ temp» after leaving the program in order to avoid the accumulation of the file "garbage", interface improvements, in which the window was brought to standard dialog box, Windows (with the possibility of moving and closing). Other important changes are reworked Beta 5 mode "Smart" setting. Now unpack all the relevant drayverpaki found in the device, not the first found, as it was before. Detection algorithm has been improved audio driver UAA, except in the folder «.. \ drp» drayverpaki can now be stored with its original name (that is, eliminating the need to rename drayverpakov in accordance with the template name) and other improvements.
In the Driver Pack Autorun Beta 6 has been modified design manager for the first time in a long time. Appeared mode "Database updates" , added button "Update" to re-override the drivers installed on your system, the possibility of disabling automatic updates drayverpakov. The mechanism of the automatic updates of the program window to display the installed drivers to complete the installation process. Improved ability to work with the code of the program, including the imposition of the variables in a single configuration file ( tools \ config.js ), provides for the possibility of determining the number of simultaneously extract a file (variable instRunMax ), as well as the ability to change the text size on buttons (variable button_text_size ). Fixed the auto-update, some errors in the manual mode, and a number of lexical errors. There have been changes in the interface of the program: the regime of "smart" renamed to "Smart" , "Custom" in the "Manual" and "Manual" is called "Unpacking" ; improved update buttons, excluding the assignment of equal status of states (icons). Also includes auto-forwarding error logs (log-files) to the server «03compu». Eliminated binding to the register of the names and location of the archives.
Driver Pack Autorun (DriverPack Solution) Beta 3
After some time, since the publication of the 6th version of the program by a group of enthusiasts who came out the next version of the seventh, which was named Driver Pack Autorun Beta 7 . Feature of the new version are advanced features, as well as "fundamentally" redesigned interface. In Beta 7 has been experimentally enabled on Windows Vista. Added option "Forcing" and "Silent Installation" . Automatic determination of the need to install audio driver UAA, and add a button to install. Fixed a bug that occurred when you click on "Links"and the error is "Access Denied" in connection with the prohibition of the system changes the window size. Improved button "Install all" , is used to start installing the drivers uninstalled.
In the following year of 2009, was released eighth version of a program calledDriver Pack Autorun Beta 8 , but in an updated revision. Functionality, which remained unchanged, except for improved (simplified in terms of user interaction with the program) mode display and refer to the drivers. Version Beta 8 differed from 7 Beta full compatibility with the operating system Windows Vista. In the process names to files, to determine the origin of drayverpakov OC Windows Vista introduced the notation, in the form of the keyword "(Vista)" . As part of improving the program's interface has been provided to display the name of the archive (drayverpak) when hovering over a button and automatically update the status of states (icons) buttons after the completion of the upgrade process. Among other changes was corrected error extracting archive containing the symbol "." (Point) in the file name (un7zip.cmd).
In the Internet community in Russia and Ukraine is the growing popularity of the program, according to the author, by this time was broken line in 10 thousand active users.
The project is a rapidly growing, open source has enabled many enthusiasts to join and take part in the development and promotion of the project.
July 16, 2009 on a voluntary basis to the project connects a group of professional programmers from among the online community of enthusiasts DriverPack Solution, watching the development of the project.
DriverPack Solution 9
September 5, 2009 the program was renamed the DriverPack Solution, along with the advent of a radically new version 9 manager, who was namedDriverPack Solution 9 .
June 17, 2009 opening of the official website, on the basis of which was organized and launched a forum (, aimed at supporting and promoting the project.
In September 2009, the program editors are interested in IT-major print publications «Chip» and "Iron" . September 1, 2009 DriverPack Solution was published in the journal "Iron" on the accompanying CD to be released. Version of the program has received the name «DriverPack Solution Iron Edition ». In the October issue of the magazine "Chip" DriverPack Solution has also been devoted to the news article.
October 27, 2009 in our program DriverPack Solution one of the forum was first published version of the β-manual version 9 format DRP Su «. Chm». The appearance of the first manual led to intense discussion, and served as the basis for writing the manual later DriverPack Solution 10.
January 10, 2010 announced the launch of a new version of the site The new version of the site differed significantly redesigned user interface, and where they were recycled content and structure, the renovation and filling of new materials. The site was integrated into the "designer", which allowed users for downloading their own manager, depending on individual needs, create a database archive of drivers.The updated version of the site program DriverPack Solution has acquired a new official logo.
February 1, 2010 it was announced that the sales of licensed discs DriverPack Solution, while the release of DriverPack Solution 10 , the spread of which was carried out exclusively selling CDs.
February 25, 2010 program DriverPack Solution received an official certificate of state registration of a computer program (electronic computers).
March 1, 2010 was announced free distribution DriverPack Solution 10. Since then, the 10-th version is now available for free download, which was released February 1 on the license disc of distributions DriverPack Solution 10, the spread of the program until March 2010 and carried out exclusively on licensed drives.
March 28, 2010 announced the launch of Internet servisa DevID,, which introduced significant changes to the functionality of the program, providing, thus, the manager of the installation of new unique tools for the drivers, in the absence of such a database driver program. DevID is an independent online-service capabilities that are integrated into DriverPack Solution.
The project has received wide publicity in April 2010 according to the author of the program, the number of copies of the monthly run DriverPack Solution reached  "more than one million users (according to statistics of the system upgrade)."
May 26, 2010 on the site DriverPack Solution Partner Program was launched to sell DVD-ROM drive DriverPack Solution 10. In accordance with the concept of affiliate program, partners must have been engaged in the popularization of the program, through the dissemination of information about the program, indicating the individual affiliate links to go to the site DriverPack Solution. In the case of buying users coming to an affiliate link, DVD-ROM, or technical support with every copy sold, partners to make payments at a rate of 20% of the total cost.
In July 2010, at the site of the program was launched by the drivers directory, where the opportunity to check and download the necessary software in the database for a specific device drivers (motherboard, sound card, video card, modem, web-cameras, etc.). In the catalog of the drivers are organized by category and equipment manufacturers.
With the release of new versions of updated and supplemented by a database of drivers, according to the developer, has been improved and optimized the engine driver installation.
August 15, 2010 the launch of "Catalogue of notebooks," which allowed users to download drivers for their notebooks individually, without drayverpakov.
October 29, 2010 the release of DriverPack Solution 06/10 .
March 24, 2011 New version of DriverPack Solution 11 .
As of July 2011 the program benefited more  10 million people.
July 1, 2011 it was announced the release of DriverPack Solution 08/11 , release of which was timed to celebrate the "Day of the system administrator."
18 December 2011 a limited number of users from the community of DRP Su, selected randomly, were given the opportunity to download a new version of DriverPack Solution 12 , the official release which was scheduled for February 2012. December 23 of that year it was announced the launch of a project promotion, in which all interested persons were invited to participate in the competition, the results of the contest winners have been able to download the new version of the DRP Su, and VIP-subscribe to receive updates.
March 10, 2012 on the project site DRP Su was published the 12th version of the manager DriverPack 12.03 Light Solution .
Two days later, March 12, 2012 was released a full version of DriverPack 12/3 Full Solution , which differs from the previous version of an updated driver database.


DriverPack Solution 9

DriverPack Solution 9. The main features of the new version were markedly increased the speed of the manager and the new interface. The key innovations are also included multilingual program was integrated into the language module with support for 7 languages, among which include English, Ukrainian, German and other essential has changed the organization of lists drivers, all drivers are now available as a catalog, and are separated into categories according to with membership of a particular type of equipment. Display the list of drivers supplemented graphic labels to indicate the types of equipment. Catalogue of the drivers has become a convenient tool for interaction with drayverpaki, due to the introduction of a new organizational structure of drivers in the form of lists, which contain all necessary information about drayverpakah and specific drivers. A new control panel program, through which interface is more compact and convenient.

DriverPack Solution 10

DriverPack Solution 10, which was the key innovation of multi-platform - the program was implemented 64-x (x86-64) based systems, Windows. Other important features of the 10 th version are: the ability to upgrade already installed the drivers, the definition of the program the processor temperature, added tooltips and "info-box" , and added hot keys. To simplify the treatment of users for support, has developed a new system of reporting errors. Now in order to send the developers with all the necessary system information is sufficient to note the relevant paragraphs in the form of a window "bug report" . Subjective assessments in DriverPack Solution 10 has increased the speed of data processing program. The new version has been extended language support (11 languages), auto-sensing program language OC user's system.

DriverPack Solution 10.6

The main differences from previous versions are optimizing and simplifying the interface manager, was significantly increased speed of program operation. Among the changes include optimization of the interface mapping program at a resolution of 640x480 pixels, added a new progress bar (status indicator), which displays the status of the installation process, a support for the morphology of languages. Simplifying the interface has been achieved by eliminating extra buttons on the control panel to interact with the program manager is now used for two main buttons "Install all" and "Update All". 10.6 was introduced automatic creation of a "restore point" before each operation with the drivers.Integrated new function automatically continue with the installation of drivers are not digitally signed Microsoft. The new version has been updated and optimized database drivers, whose composition was added to 2500 drivers for printers from Hewlett Packard. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect driver «AMD PCI Express», which leads to the emergence of hardware conflicts.

DriverPack Solution 11

The main innovation DriverPack Solution 11 is the new engine install the drivers. In the 11 th version has been updated driver database, has a function to install additional software, resulting in the creation of the program checkpoint recovery, in contrast to the previous version, extended to the software installation. The program is an improved algorithm for determining the temperature of the processor, and has been integrated into the function definitions installed on your computer anti-virus software.

Solution DriverPack 11/08

An updated version of DriverPackSolution - a service issue, which is characterized by an expanded and updated database drivers. In DriverPack Solution 11.8 has been amended a number of shortcomings, as well as the updated installation files of additional programs.

DriverPack Solution 12

DriverPack Solution 12 has received a number of different innovations. First of all, the new version features new functions: "Backup Driver"and "Diagnosis of a computer" . "Backup Drivers" provides backup drivers installed in the system, and also provides an opportunity to create drayverpak specifically for the configuration of the computer that is running the program. The function "Diagnostics computer" allows you to monitor and diagnose the main elements of the computer's hardware (processor, hard drives, memory). To ensure the stability of the program was integrated function of the developers 'appeal of a driver " , which allows you to inform about the presence of base drivers, leading to malfunction of the system. The common changes included a new algorithm for determining the name of the computer or motherboard, as well as the function definition program production BIOS.
Along with other features of Version 12, the program features an updated anti-virus control, with the function of monitoring the activity of anti-virus and relevance of its signatures. And also check function "portable" version of the antivirus.

Solution DriverPack 12/3

12.3 - production of a service manager. It fixes some bugs in the code of the product and improved stability of the program. In the new version removed the detected vulnerability, eliminated the program led to the collapse of the error, expanded multi-language interface (up to 28 languages), including a number of changes in the localization files and optimized included in the DRP Su components.
Version 3.12 was represented in two revisions of Light and Full. Light - light version of the program, 7 megabytes in size, in which there is no database of drivers. Full version differs respectively from the previous version of the Light-presence of an updated driver database.


Since its first appearance on the Internet before the September 2009 DriverPack Solution did not have a single name, and in view of the fact that the program is open-source software, began to leave the many alternative assembly (clones) DRP Su under other names, such as ChipXPDriverPack, ZverDriverPack, SamDrivers, XTreme.DriverPacks, BEST Driver Packs, Cobra Driver Pack. Alternative assembly is completely based on the issues DriverPack Solution and copy features, except for changes introduced by the authors of alternative assemblies.

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